Dale Robertson

Professional Expertise

Dale Robertson, the owner and operator of Homebuyer’s Inspections, has been a leading figure in the home inspection industry since 1980, completing over 10,000 inspections. His extensive experience is complemented by his comprehensive knowledge of all the building trades.

Growing up in a construction environment and working alongside his father, a Master Electrician, Dale gained valuable hands-on experience from a young age. He further honed his skills in the HVAC trade during college and worked as a general contractor, city code inspector, and licensed plumbing inspector. Dale’s deep understanding of how various systems in a home work enables him to provide detailed, insightful inspections.

He uses his broad background to identify hidden issues and offer professional advice on necessary repairs, ensuring clients fully understand the inspection report. Dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions, Dale approaches each inspection with thoroughness and precision, avoiding the pitfalls of cookie-cutter inspections.

Home Inspector Dale Robertson
Home Inspector - TREC & InterNACHI

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Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Dale Robertson’s goal is to ensure that each client understands their inspection report and feels confident in their home-buying decision. Motivated by a genuine desire to help, Dale is always ready to answer any questions and will openly admit if he doesn’t know an answer, committing to finding it. He limits himself to one inspection per day to avoid fatigue and rush, allowing him to dedicate his full attention to each client’s needs.

Dale’s inspections are thorough, inspecting all reasonably accessible components of each system. For example, if an electrical outlet is not wired correctly, he will continue inspecting the entire electrical system rather than just noting the issue. His notes are personalized for each inspection, tailored to fit the specific home and client expectations. Dale does not counsel clients on their purchase decisions but aims to provide them with all the information needed to make an informed choice.

Community Involvement

Beyond his professional work, Dale is a Big Hat member of AMBUCS, an organization dedicated to helping individuals overcome mobility and independence challenges. Through a nationwide network of volunteer chapters, AMBUCS partners with physical, occupational, and speech therapists to provide Amtryke adaptive trykes, scholarships for therapists, and community services such as building wheelchair ramps. Dale’s involvement in AMBUCS reflects his commitment to making a positive impact in his community.

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