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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be at the inspection?
Yes. Bring a tape ruler and take pictures and notepad. Make notes and we will go over them at the end. If it is a vacant home you may want to bring a lawn chair.
What should I ask the seller to do to prepare for the inspection?
Make all components accessible. I should be able walk up to the breaker panel, water heater, furnace and access the attic and crawl space. All plumbing fixtures should be empty for instance a sink full of dirty dishes is a problem. Leave information on a note on the kitchen counter such as”the dishwasher leaks” so I do not try to run it and find out after it dumps water on the floor. Take stored items out of the oven. Put notes on “mystery” switches. Also where is the water meter and main water shut off.
Can I call you if I have questions?
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts to young widows with children.