Buyers of newly constructed homes often don’t understand the need for a builder’s warranty inspection within their first year in the home. Let’s take a look at why getting this inspection done is so critically important.

A Code Inspection Isn’t as Detailed as a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

You’ve been told your home has been built to code. It’s true that municipal inspectors are required to inspect for code compliance before you move in.

It’s also true that municipal inspectors have a much shorter list of items to inspect than a third-party home inspector. Municipal inspectors don’t have the time or resources to inspect your home the same way a third-party inspector does. Local inspectors check simply for the fact that your home was built to minimum code requirements. A home inspection is much more detailed than a code inspection. 

Don’t Believe That New Homes Can’t Have Defects

You might think that a builder’s warranty inspection isn’t necessary because you think that new homes can’t possibly have defects yet. This isn’t true.

Roofs can get installed incorrectly. Insulation might be missing in important areas of the home. Other small defects might exist that eventually lead to costly repairs in the future.

If you don’t have the technical training to spot defects, then you’re leaving yourself at risk for having to spend thousands of dollars in the future. A builder’s warranty inspection can prevent this from happening because you can file a claim before the warranty runs out. 

Your Builder Isn’t the Only Person Working on Your House

Most builders outsource some or all of the work to subcontractors. Those subcontractors might then subcontract to other workers. The result is that you really have no idea who performed the work on your home. 

Even if you builder is skilled and reputable, there still may be issues that a warranty inspection will uncover for you. There are many projects going on at any given time during the home’s build. It’s almost impossible for even the most reputable builder to closely pay attention to all the work being performed. 

Don’t Wait on a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Your builder is responsible to fix any defects covered by the warranty for the first year you’re in the home. Order the warranty inspection in the 11th month so that you have time to file a claim before it expires. 

You will be responsible for paying for those same repairs after the first year living in the home has passed. Don’t make that mistake. Order the builder’s warranty inspection while the warranty is still active. 

Homebuyer’s Inspection Services provides builder’s warranty inspections to Dallas-Fort Worth. Contact us to book yours in the 11th month of homeownership.