Over half of American households have pets, and they will all face the challenge of cleaning up after their animals. Pets can be messy. Muddy paws, shedding fur, and overturned water and food bowls will keep you busy. Here are a few tips and tricks for cleaning a home with pets.

Cleaning a Home with Pets is Easier With Furniture Covers

Your pets shed fur and dander and track dirt, mud, and moisture into your home. If your animals spend time sleeping in a chair or on the couch, cover your furniture. You can purchase covers designed for use in households with pets or simply use inexpensive, washable blankets to protect your furniture.

Animal Beds

To help dissuade your dog or cat from sleeping on your bed, purchase a pet bed. You can find plenty of options online or in your local pet store. Having a bed of his or her own encourages your dog or cat to stay off the furniture. Most pet beds are designed with a zip-off cover that can be thrown in the washing machine.

Duct Tape for Fur Pick-Up

You can purchase lint rollers that are excellent for removing pet hair from clothing and upholstery, but if your pet sheds a lot, this can get expensive. Another effective option is using duct tape to pull fur from fabrics. Use an old paint roller and wrap the duct tape, sticky side out, around the paint roller. You’ve created an inexpensive tool to remove pet hair around the house.

Baking Soda for Cleaning a Home With Pets

Pet odors can be difficult to get rid of. Use baking soda to combat odors on pets’ beds or your furniture. It’s inexpensive and works well to remove unpleasant smells.  Sprinkle baking soda on the furniture, carpets, or bedding and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Then vacuum to remove the smell. If you have a cat, sprinkle baking soda in the litter box to help fight odors there.

Regular Grooming Keeps Your Home Cleaner

Taking time to brush your pets will keep fur from spreading throughout your house. Regular brushing is a great way to bond with your animals and most learn to enjoy it if you start at a young age. Brushing helps to collect fur that would otherwise end up under the sofa, on the bedding, and on your carpets. It makes housecleaning easier and improves indoor air quality.

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