Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several simple projects you can tackle yourself. If you have a few hours or a weekend, you’ll make a big difference in the space. Here are a few easy DIY bathroom updates you can do yourself.

Add a Coat of Paint

You could paint the walls as an easy bathroom update. However, this can feel overwhelming for some DIYers, so start small. Instead, paint accents like the baseboard trim or crown molding. Other options include painting the bathroom mirror’s frame, choosing a new color for the cabinets, or painting the shelves in a bright new shade.

When tackling a painting project, always purchase the best quality paints, brushes, and rollers. You’ll get the best results with good tools. Prime the surface you’ll paint and mask areas you won’t be painting. Taking the time to prepare the surfaces properly will give you a professional-looking finish.

DIY Bathroom Updates: Add Tile

Installing tile is an easy way to add personality to the bathroom. Tiling the backsplash is a small project and a great place to begin. Tile adds color and helps to protect the wall from water damage. There are plenty of options, from solid color glass tiles to beautifully painted ceramic tiles. You’ll find a style that fits your bathroom and your budget.

Easy Bathroom Update: Lighting

A new lighting fixture is relatively simple to install. There are a variety of options at your local home improvement store. New, brighter lighting will make the bathroom feel more extensive and better illuminate the space.

DIY Fixture Updates for Your Bathroom

For an easy update, change the showerhead and replace the bathroom faucet. You can complete both projects in a single day. Updating the showerhead to a dual model with a head and a handheld sprayer is an upgrade that also helps you keep the tub and shower clean. The handheld sprayer is easy to use and can quickly rinse the shower stall out after you’ve scrubbed it. For a spa-like experience, choose a waterfall-style showerhead. Modern options provide good pressure while reducing the amount of water you use.

The sink faucet is an easy upgrade. If you’re not replacing the entire sink, pay attention to the installation holes for the faucet. Purchase a new model that fits the style of the sink.

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