Electrical issues in the house are dangerous, potentially causing shocks or fire. However, there are many ways to tell that you have an electrical issue. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of an electrical problem at home.

Are Your Outlets Hot?

Appliances sometimes become warm when in use. The outlets that appliances are plugged into should never be hot, though. If you notice a warm outlet, unplug anything plugged into the outlet. Call an electrician to troubleshoot and remedy the problem.

Flickering Lights are Signs of an Electrical Problem at Home

A loose connection is often the reason why lights flicker. It’s typically an easy fix when one light fixture is flickering. If multiple rooms or lights are affected, then it’s a sign you have a bigger problem. You probably have an issue at the utility drop or breaker box.

Aluminum Wiring

Single-strand aluminum wiring was often used throughout the 1960s and early 70s. Unfortunately, aluminum oxidizes more quickly than other types of wiring. These wires can get warm and are a fire hazard. Have an electrician come in and inspect if you think your home has aluminum wiring. Specialized connectors might be the solution. Otherwise, you’re looking at a complete home rewire.

Burning Odors Indicate Electrical Problems at Home

A burning smell is an obvious sign that you have an electrical problem at home. You are at risk for a fire when electrical wiring is heating up enough to cause the plastic sheathing to melt. Call a professional to find out whether the problem originates at the breaker box or is limited to one fixture or outlet.

Shocks are Signs of an Electrical Problem at Home

You probably have a grounding issue if you’re getting shocked when turning on lights or plugging something into an outlet. You’re also at risk for a fire if your home isn’t properly grounded. Have an electrician take a look and make repairs to keep your home safe.

Loose Outlets

Don’t procrastinate on fixing loose outlets. A loose outlet can damage the electrical wires and lead to sparks, shorts, and fire hazards.

Look for Rodent Activity

Do you see rodent nest material or droppings around your house? Have you noticed chew marks on any wires? If so, a rodent infestation may be causing electrical problems by damaging the wires. Bare wires are at risk for overheating and sparking.

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