Get your home ready for cooler weather with a few fall home maintenance tasks. Check these four jobs off your list early in the season so you’ll have peace of mind and save money from now until spring!

Have the Gutters Cleaned

Fall is the time of year when your gutters start to get clogged with leaves and debris. If you don’t have guards over your gutters to help keep them clear, clean them out at least twice a year. When debris builds up in your gutters, water begins to collect in them instead of flowing away from the house. This may cause water damage to your roof, siding, and foundation.

Check Your Attic During Fall Home Maintenance

Most people don’t spend time in their attics, but it’s important that you’re familiar with the insulation in that space. Proper insulation in your attic can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy use. It also protects your home against ice dams that could cause major damage. Check your attic for signs of leaks, missing insulation, critter nests, and proper ventilation.

Check Your Air Ducts and Filters

If the time has come to change your thermostat from cooling to heating, have your HVAC serviced. A clogged furnace filter or other malfunction can cause your furnace to perform poorly.

An HVAC technician will change the filter during your servicing, though you should be changing it yourself throughout the year per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Every few years, hire a professional to clean your ducts out completely.

Fall Home Maintenance for Windows

For many people, the cooler autumn weather means we can finally open up some windows and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. Window screens are important for keeping insects and other pests out of your home. They can be easily replaced if you notice tears or holes.

Even if you don’t plan on having your windows open, inspect around your windows for drafts and moisture intrusion. Be sure to seal things up properly and you’ll see savings on your energy bill throughout the year.

These four easy fall home maintenance tasks are must-dos every year to protect your home. The earlier you get started on these tasks, the sooner you can sit back and relax in comfort once the cooler weather arrives.

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