Using the Internet for Your Home Search

It’s a major milestone to be able to purchase your own home, however, often the difficult part is finding the one that is right for your family. Many people have found the internet quite helpful when looking for a property to purchase. Here are some tips to make your online home search a success.

Identify Your Needs Before Your Online Home Search

The first step when conducting an online home search is to identify the features you need in your new house. For example, determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether you want a pool or a garden, and if you prefer a single-story or multi-level home.

You should also determine how much you are able to spend. Get a pre-approval from a mortgage lender to better understand what type of home loan you qualify for. After deciding what you want, fill out the online search criteria. Knowing what you need from a home will improve your chances of finding one that best suits your family.

Use the Map During Your Online Home Search

Location is an important consideration when conducting an online home search. Buyers are often drawn to images of a specific house without thinking about what part of town it is in. Location affects the value of the home and it may increase or decrease the appeal of the property. Consider the home’s proximity to basic amenities, good schools, and your place of work.

Familiarize Yourself with the Neighborhood

As a potential resident of an area, familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods of homes you are interested in. Some will have a playground or be within walking distance of a library. Find a neighborhood that provides what you need.

Some websites offer demographic information about neighborhoods that can be helpful in your search. After you narrow down the houses you’re interested in, learning about the area will help you determine which location is best for you.

Check Local Public Records

When performing an online home search, don’t forget to check local public records. Look for the title documents of the house and the nature of the title. You will learn who owns the home and if there are any liens on the property.

Accessing the tax records will show you what the current owner paid for the house. Check for construction permits that were taken out and the house’s assessed value to learn more about the property you want to purchase.

Finding the Right Home

Searching for a house online is easier when you understand what you need and can set parameters. Consider things like features, location, neighborhood, and local public records. Work with a realtor throughout the process, as they have great advice and may have leads on other homes not yet listed.

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