As a homeowner, it’s necessary to be aware of indications of structural problems with your property. Ignoring these signs could result in further damage and costly repairs. Here are a few warning signs of structural issues to look out for and what they could mean.

Cracks in Walls are Signs of Structural Issues

Small cracks may not be cause for alarm, but if these cracks begin to widen and change shape, this could be an indication of structural issues. Wall cracks can occur due to settling soil underneath the home, a shifting foundation, or water damage. Monitor changes in cracks and gaps and contact a professional if they grow larger or increase in number.

Doors & Windows Not Closing Properly

If you notice that doors and windows are not closing completely or are difficult to open, this could signify more significant issues. Over time, shifting foundation or moisture damage can cause walls to warp, resulting in misaligned doors and windows that don’t close correctly. Check the hinges on your door and verify they are securely fastened. Loose hinges are sometimes the reason a door won’t open or close correctly. If the hinges are secure, look for problems with the frame. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you suspect a structural issue.

Chimney Separating from the House

One issue homeowners can face is the chimney separating from the house. You may notice visible gaps between the bricks on the exterior walls and roofline or cracks in interior walls near where the chimney meets them. Look for water leaking inside through these cracks or coming in around windows or doors located nearby. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may be dealing with a structural issue. When the ground shifts or the house settles, uneven soil can lead to the chimney pulling away from the building.

Signs of Structural Issues: Uneven Floors

Uneven flooring can also signify potential structural problems with your home. Sloping floors may point towards foundation problems such as settlement or soil erosion under your house or water-damaged or rotting floor joists. If you notice this sign – especially if it occurs in tandem with other warning signs discussed above – it may be time to hire a professional to inspect your property.

As a homeowner, pay attention to any warning signs of potential issues around your property. Sometimes minor problems can could more serious structural deficiencies. Monitor cracks on walls, pay attention if doors and windows are no longer closing correctly, and look for uneven floors. These issues could indicate a need for professional inspection and repair services. Taking action early is key. Addressing structural problems sooner rather than later will save you money and headaches in the long run.

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