If you have a swimming pool at home, then you probably already know that maintenance is important. Regular pool maintenance keeps the water clean and the pool equipment running correctly. Here are some pool maintenance tips a pool owner should follow for healthy, safe water conditions.

Test the Water Regularly

One of the first things to do is to test the pool water. Adding the right balance of chemicals will not only keep your pool clean but will also keep swimmers safe. This part of pool maintenance is important because it prevents bacteria from growing in your pool. During the summertime, you should be checking the water quality at least once per week.

Swimming Pool Filtration System Maintenance

Although you don’t have to clean the filter out as frequently as you test the water, this is still an important task. Filters remove debris from your pool. Clean the filter out on your own or hire a professional to complete this job.

Pool Water Level

One of the most frequently overlooked maintenance steps is making sure that the water level remains consistent. The pool water should come up to the opening of your skimmer. If it’s too low, add water using your garden hose. If the water level is too high, use a pump to lower the level. Afterward, check the chemical levels again to make sure the water is properly balanced.

Remove Oils for Swimming Pool Maintenance

People leave oils in the pool each time they use it. One of the best ways to trap these oils is by using a tennis ball. Simply toss a regular tennis ball into your pool. The material of the tennis ball will absorb and collect oils floating in the pool. Change out the tennis ball every week.

Power Washing

The area around your pool is just as important as the inside of it. Pressure-wash the perimeter of your pool to remove the build-up of grime and debris.

Keeping a clean and functioning swimming pool is important to you and your family’s health. Use the information above to make sure your pool stays pristine all year round.

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