If your home has a swimming pool, summertime might be your favorite time of year. However, drowning accidents happen in backyard pools. Take steps to keep your family and friends safe by practicing these tips for swimming pool safety.

Install a Fence

Enclose your pool to keep children, pets, and unwanted guests out of the area. The fencing should be a minimum height of four feet. Make sure there are no trees, shrubs, or patio furniture near the fencing that would help a small child to climb over the structure and into the pool.

Add Alarms for Swimming Pool Safety

To keep children safe, install alarms on doors leading to the pool and on the fence gate. Choose an alarm that is easily recognizable so adults know there’s an immediate danger if an alarm sounds. To help boost pool safety, doors and gates should be equipped with self-latching locks that are installed out of the reach of your child.

Don’t Use Pet Doors

Don’t install a dog door on any door leading to the swimming pool. Young children are clever and will quickly learn they can climb through the dog door to access the pool. If you do have a pet door already installed, use a cover over the door and a lock to boost safety when small children are present.

Never Leave Children Unsupervised

There should always be an adult present when children are using the pool. If you need to step away for a few minutes, designate another adult to keep an eye on the kids or have them stay out of the pool until you return. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur. Keep a life preserver ring near the pool and a first-aid kit handy.

Use a Pool Cover for Swimming Pool Safety

Keep the safety cover for the pool well-maintained. If you have a mechanically driven cover, make sure the control device is not accessible to children. Always close the cover when you are not able to supervise the backyard pool space.

Invest in an Underwater Pool Alarm

There are alarms that sound when someone enters the water. Purchase and install one for use in your pool. Make sure to install speakers in places where you will hear the alarm even if you are some distance from the pool area.

It’s important to practice pool safety, especially if you have small children. When you use these tips, you’ll have peace of mind that you are taking steps to prevent harm to your children and family.

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