When purchasing a home, you’ll hire a home inspector to review the property. A home inspector visually examines all areas and components of a home and provides a report to the homebuyer. Inspectors use various tools to collect information on the house. Advances in modern technology allow the use of thermal or infrared imaging to further inspect a property. There are many advantages to hiring an inspector who uses thermal imaging during the inspection.

Thermal Imaging Can Find Deficiencies in Insulation

An inspector can use thermal imaging to detect areas of the home that are not adequately insulated. The infrared camera is able to “see” areas of uneven heat distribution and find missing, defective, or damp insulation in a home.

Find Active Leaks with a Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal cameras read heat signatures and display the data in a color image. A trained home inspector interprets the images to determine defects in the property. An active water leak from a plumbing pipe or in the roof will display as a cooler temperature in a thermal image. The infrared camera can also detect water intrusion around and near the foundation of the home.

Detect Pest Infestations

Because an infrared scan picks up temperature differences, thermal imaging can detect pest infestations. A nest of mice in the kitchen ceiling or squirrels in the attic will show up as a warmer area in the scan.

Find Electrical Issues

A home inspector will identify electrical problems like loose power outlets or flickering lights. Using an infrared camera, the inspector can observe the heat signatures of outlets, walls, and the breaker box. Thermal images may reveal live wires or overheating outlets that are a fire hazard. The infrared camera can also be used to scan the electrical panel to look for hot spots there.

An Infrared Camera Detects Areas of Heat Loss

Leaky window or door seals can be “seen” by an infrared camera. The camera will show cooler areas around the window where air leaks occur. Thermal imaging helps you determine which window and door seals need to be replaced to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

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