It is important to order a home inspection when you are buying a new home. Even if you are selling a home, it is smart to have a pre-listing inspection to help your sale go more smoothly. Research local home inspectors in your area and give some a call before you decide who to hire. Here are some questions to ask when hiring a home inspector.

Ask About Experience When Hiring a Home Inspector

Experience matters when hiring a home inspector. Ask the home inspectors you are considering how long they have been performing inspections. Hire a home inspector who has many years of experience in the field. Home inspectors become more skilled and knowledgeable over time.

What Tools Do You Use?

Home inspectors are not required to use any special tools, but they are able to provide a more thorough inspection report by using certain equipment. Infrared cameras can detect issues that wouldn’t be seen otherwise.

Other tools, like moisture meters, gas detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors help the home inspector determine whether the house is healthy and safe.

How Many Inspections Do You Complete in a Day?

You don’t want your home inspector to rush through your inspection to get to the next one on the schedule. Look for a home inspection company that says they complete one or two inspections per day. This way, you know the inspector won’t be under a tight time constraint and can the time needed on inspecting your house.

Check Customer Reviews When Hiring a Home Inspector

Finally, check testimonials from previous customers. You can usually find reviews online, on the inspector’s website, and on their Google Business listing. Hire an inspector who has several positive testimonials.

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