It’s easy to assume that a newly built house is in excellent condition because of the brand new materials used in the building. It’s important to know that even new construction can have defects, which is why it needs to be inspected. When you’re in the process of building a new home, there are a few reasons to schedule a home inspection for new construction.

1. Protect Your Investment with a Home Inspection for New Construction

Most people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a new home, which is a significant investment. There may be issues that need immediate attention before they escalate and affect the value of the property. If you forgo an inspection on your new home, you will have to fix any problems on your own dime as they reveal themselves. The cost of an inspection is a small price to pay to know your home is in great condition.

2. Save Money When You Schedule a Home Inspection for New Construction

A common reason to not schedule an inspection is that new homeowners don’t want to spend extra money. In reality, you often save money by having a professional assessment of the property. If issues are found, you can ask your builder to fix them before you move in. You can save thousands of dollars by not having to pay for the repairs.

3. Protect the Residents

The inspector will check the different safety features and components of the building. This protects members of your household from hazards like electrical problems, structural instability, and issues that lead to mold growth.

4. Maintain the Property Value

A home inspection for new construction will help maintain your property value. Problems that go unnoticed and un-repaired decrease the value of the home. The inspection will uncover problems so they can be remedied early on.

5. Builders Can Make Mistakes

You hope mistakes aren’t made in new construction. However, building a house involves many different subcontractors working simultaneously, so it’s easy for some mistakes to be overlooked. Hire a home inspector to provide an unbiased examination of your newly built home.

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