Swimming pools are an asset for many homeowners, as they provide a place to cool off during the summer and spend time with family and friends. While there’s nothing wrong with a basic in-ground pool, there are many fun ways to upgrade your pool to increase property value and enjoy lounging by the water.

LED Lighting is a Useful Upgrade for Your Pool

One of the simplest pool upgrades is installing LED lighting. LED lights are available in various colors and sizes, so it’s easy to find lighting for your needs. Adding lights to the pool area extends the use of the space after dark. You’ll be able to see better and swim safely at night. LED lights designed for use in pools are affordable, easy to install, and some work with an app, allowing you to customize the color and intensity of the lighting.

New Outdoor Furniture

If you spend a lot of time by the pool, purchase outdoor furniture. Consider how many people typically visit so you’ll know the types of seating options to provide. In addition to traditional patio tables and chairs, explore options for lounge chairs alongside the pool and versatile seating you can configure in various ways.

Pool Monitoring Systems

Maintaining a pool is challenging, as you need to clean it regularly, test the water, and balance the water with chemicals. While these tasks only take a few minutes, getting behind is easy when you are busy. Pool monitoring systems are simple updates that provide constant information about the water temperature, chemical levels, and more.

Upgrade Your Pool With Powder-Coated Railing

Traditional pool railing heats up quickly in the summer sun. You may burn your hands on the hot metal as you enter or exit the pool. One of the most practical pool upgrades also improves safety. Install powder-coated railings. These handrails are strong, sturdy, and covered with a unique powder coating that reflects heat instead of absorbing it. Even in the hot summer sun, these railings stay cool.

An Automatic Pool Leveler

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the maintenance tasks you need to perform as a homeowner, and keeping the water level of your pool up is one of the most frequently forgotten ones. Automatic pool levelers attach to the side of your pool and constantly check the water level. The hose will refill the pool to the proper depth as the water gets low.

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